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Yecla is a town and municipality in eastern Spain, in the extreme north of the autonomous community of Murcia, located 96 km from the capital of the region, Murcia.

Yecla is a town with a singular spirit, due mainly to its enclave situation, and it is the living image of ‘Castilian’ Murcia, the area of transition between the coastal zone and the plains of La Mancha. Preceded by the fame of its inhabitants, it is naturally a town of enormous character which has impressed such writers as Azorín or Pío Baroja.

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Yecla is a Spanish Denominación de Origen Protegida (DOP) for wines located around the town of Yecla in the northernmost corner of the region of Murcia (Spain) and is surrounded by other DOPs: Jumilla to the south and west, Almansa to the north and Alicante to the east.

The area is notable for its extensive use of the red Monastrell grape variety, and it is traditionally known as the home of Monastrell in Spain. Monastrell is the fourth most planted red grape variety in Spain. The international market makes up 92% of the DOP’s wine sales, making it the Spanish wine DOP with the highest proportion of international exports.

In Yecla you will find a broad range of wineries. From the most traditional winery whose history is parallel to the history of Yecla. These are wineries which have been able to use the market’s latest technologies; completely environmentally friendly wineries or wineries which include their own restaurant amongst their services.


As an inland town, Yecla is surrounded by wonderful landscapes and protected areas of high environmental interest. Talking about Yecla means talking about mountains, plains, mountain ranges, brownish, greenish and orange tones. There are thousands of little corners hidden in the natural environment surrounded by stories and legends, and beautiful sites worth being framed. In Yecla you will enjoy its mountains and paths, enjoy a picnic and spend a wonderful day in the countryside. So, choose when, take your rucksack and come and immerse yourself in its unique landscape.


Yecla is an authentic jewel for archaeology lovers. It has always been an area of transit. That was the reason why different civilisations left a little of their treasures in Yecla. It is well known that the preceding history helps us understand what we are today. Visit and know Yecla from its archaeological sites and routes and its Municipal Archaeological Museum “Cayetano de Mergelina.” All of them will tell you a story worthy of the best Hollywood script.


The culture of Yecla is rich in variety, ideal for relaxing and disconnecting from the bustle of big cities for a few days. It is recommended you to go for a walk while enjoying its cultural routes. Thus, you will be able to visit the town centre, contemplate and enjoy its historic quarter and climb to the highest part of the town. It is also recommended to visit one of Yecla’s wide range of museums.


The gastronomy in Yecla is unique. Its hot meals and dishes, “tapas”, wines, olive oils, and pastries which delight all kind of palates. But, above all, the gastronomy in Yecla is based on meals with which the visitors will fill themselves up. There is no need to be daunted by the cold! A good plate of “gazpacho” will prevent you from fainting, that’s for sure! Eating well is something Yecla´s residents take very seriously and they always enjoy these moments with a bit of its Designation of Origin Yecla wines.

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