Partners & Suppliers



Building Structure – SISMO

Our use of Sismo increases both the speed and quality of construction in our project. Sismo offers customized, cost efficient and high-quality construction panels, and represents a complete structural solution that also provides a perfect building envelope.

This allows its use as a thermal and acoustic insulation system, giving our properties a high energy certification. The amount of waste materials generated on-site are also reduced considerably with Sismo, further enhancing the sustainability of the process.

By incorporating the cost-efficient Sismo structure in our homes, we can deliver homes faster and with excellent value for money.

The Art Of Living In Spain is the exclusive distributor for Sismo on the Costa Cálida.
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Feng Shui

A project such as Las Vistas starts with a location everything flows from this. The challenge is to build something that complements the site and is in synergy with the environment. This is why TAOLIS has introduced Feng Shui to the design process.

Feng Shui, from the Chinese words for “wind” and “water,” is the ancient practice of balancing energy, or chi. The aim of this is to invite positive chi into your home, making it feel energized and balanced, and allow the individual to be in harmony with his or her surroundings.

Laura Del Valle is our Feng Shui consultant. Laura is a highly-experienced consultant, dedicated to creating harmony, balance and success in your home.

With our architects, Laura figured out the best distribution and reviewed the choice of materials, so that prosperity, good relationships and vitality will flow in your personal life.

For more information visit her website (Spanish only).



External Carpentry & Windows: DeCeuninck

Our partnership with DeCeuninck offers high-performance solutions for sustainable living. Combining design and efficiency, DeCeuninck provides PVC windows with superior insulation qualities that contribute to increasing aesthetic and comfort standards, as well as future sustainability goals.

What defines DeCeuninck´s PVC windows is above all the superior thermal and acoustic insulation, combined with the lowest possible use of raw materials. In addition, its innovative ThermoFibra technology provies extra performance in terms of stabilty and strength. For more information visit their website.



Floor Heating: Warmup

Warmup is a UK-based manufacturing company, offering innovative smart controls and underfloor heating solutions. Warmup has sold more than 2 million systems in over 70 countries worldwide. Founded more than 25 years ago, the company is a knowledge and research driven business, making proprietary, world-leading products.

Warmup has the highest quality products. Unique in the industry, they offer the toughest, dual-fluoropolymer, thin (1/8″ or 3mm diameter) heating wire on the market. It won’t raise floor levels and is UL approved, meeting the highest safety standards for electric underfloor heating.

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Kitchen & Furniture: Colombini Group Italy

The Colombini Group is one of the leading companies in the Italian kitchen, furniture and design sector. This customer-oriented Italian company creates well-being through design, technological innovation and sustainability.

They manufacture furniture only after purchase: in this way, they avoid waste, emissions and unnecessary overproduction for the environment, further enhancing one of the key elements in the value proposition of The Art Of Living In Spain: sustainability.

Through our partnership with Colombini, we can offer our clients distinctive, high-quality kitchens and furniture in different styles with excellent value for money.

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Outside Kitchens & BBQ´s – Out Company

The OUT Company is a company dedicated to the import and distribution of top quality products, aimed at making life more pleasant for their customers who love the outdoors. Offering quality of life is their first priority, they only offer highly successful products, like BBQ’s and exterior kitchens which provide a sense of quality, luxury and fun.

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Tiles: Azulejos Cánovas


With more than 20 years of experience, Azulejos Cánovas has specialized in creating unique spaces. A wide catalogue of products, with the best materials and solutions on the market, creating environments that inspire. Cánovas Tiles is synonymous with Elegance and Quality.

Their products come from the best brands in the sector. They have taken great care of each and every one of them. Due to their experience and great taste for detail and design, they offer a wide variety of tiles, adapted to multiple styles, designs and aesthetic possibilities.

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Marble & Granite: Lujan

Family business manufacturing and assembling marble, granite, compact and porcelain countertops for kitchens and bathrooms, as well as facades, floors and interior decoration.

Currently there are four brothers who manage the company – which their father founded 35 years ago- with a staff of 30 workers.

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Solar-powered Aerothermal Water Heating: Giatsu & Climluz

Giatsu is also the provider of the aerothermal water heating systems. Their aerothermal heat pumps are high-efficiency air to air and air to water heat pumps. These pumps are designed to obtain the maximum performance in severe weather conditions, both in winter as well as summer, extracting the energy from outside and transporting it to the heating and hot water system in the house.

The water heating system of Giatsu is connected to the solar panels provided by Climaluz, an air conditioning and electricity company, located in the heart of La Mancha. The company offers a wide variety of products regarding electric systems, aerothermal systems and solar power systems. Due to the 14 years of experience they have, they know the sector inside and out and have developed fully specialized services.

For more information visit their website.

Airconditioning: Giatsu

Giatsu offers a wide range of air-conditioning products of high quality. The company advances daily in technological development to give as much support as they can to the world of air conditioning and (water) heating, always obtaining and taking care of the benefits that help to preserve the environment. Their products combine high efficiency and performance with extensive features and modern and avant-garde design.

For more information visit their website.



Infrared Heating: Dutch Panels

Dutch Panels is a Dutch company that originated from a collaboration of people who have decades of experience in the field of development, purchase and sale of sustainable heating and cooling systems. They offer products that are more economical, lighter and better. Because their products have a longer lifespan (no waste) and are made from recycled plastic, they are also many times more sustainable.

Due to the unique operation of their infrared heating (not comparable to patio heaters or other forms of infrared heating), their system can be used as MAIN heating, whereby your walls, ceiling, floor, but also your furniture are heated in one room, creating an even temperature throughout the room, so that it is just as warm on the floor as against the ceiling.

For more information visit their website.