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TAOLIS has researched all possible contemporary building methods that could be suitable for Las Vistas Yecla and has decided to use the Sismo Building Technology for this unique project. 

Originally from Belgium, Sismo offers a high-quality industrialized building system based on custom-made building panels. The company is one of the market leaders in Europe in this area. If you would like to know why TAOLIS has identified this system as the best option for the Cortijo´s in Las Vistas Yecla, click on “Read More”.


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Sismo has over 30 years of experience and is globally known in 88 countries. In 2012, the system arrived in Spain, where the Sismo modules are produced in Malaga and distributed across Spain and several African countries.

Sismo´s modules are custom built according to the characteristics of the architectural design and produced quickly. Combined with the easy and fast installation on site, it results in a reduction of the delivery time.

The advantages of the Sismo System are as follows:


One of the advantages of Sismo Building Technology is a reduction in construction costs and a lower cost price. This because it reduces up to 50% of the execution time and thus construction costs. This creates an advantage for the home buyer, since they obtain a home with an optimal price/quality ratio.

Fast Delivery

Secondly, it saves up to 50% on execution time, leading to faster delivery. Speed, efficiency and agile production are key to the Sismo construction. Therefore, our clients can move into their home much faster.

High Quality

Sismo offers a monolithic structure that is resistant to ground movements, in a way that prevents cracks in the facades. Tests and experience have shown that the strength of a Sismo construction is many times greater than a traditional construction. More information about this subject you can view here.

Sismo was the first high-performance building system to be certified with the ETA (European Technical Approval) and the first company in the construction industry to receive the ETA 01/0001. A selection of test reports (Spanish only) can be found in the download section of their website.

Energy Efficient

The excellent thermal and acoustic insulation of Sismo Building Technology ensures a significant reduction in energy consumption in the home. With the insulating building panels from Sismo, the house is fully and sustainably insulated and there are no thermal bridges.

Environmentally Conscious Manufacturing

The production process of the Sismo elements is non-polluting. Recycled materials can be used for the infill panels and the use of concrete walls instead of wood products helps reduce the significant problem of deforestation. By using the environmentally friendly Sismo Building Technology, waste on the construction site is also significantly reduced.

High Quality Sound Insulation

The Sismo construction technique also guarantees efficient acoustic insulation. Building with Sismo results in a continuous monolithic structure that forms an effective sound barrier.

Resistant to earthquakes, fire and storm

The proven resistance of buildings built with Sismo is one of its strengths. Its configuration as a monolithic structure, as well as the quality of the materials used in the Sismo panels, gives it a particularly high resistance to earthquakes, fire and storm. For all studies and reports on this subject, please refer to their website.

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